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Here we have a guy – the cameraman – who decided he’d try and get girls to fuck him outdoors on camera if he just paid them a bit of cash and got them to like him. Well, he is highly successful! It turns out they like flashing their titties in public for a happy and well-heeled guy. Hell, they also like sucking his big hard cock, too.

And, invariably, the affable impish camera man always indulges in some good old outdoor fucking of these hot babes, making them moan and squirm in delight as they have this red hot outdoor sex shoved up their pussies.

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Outdoor sex on a bike

This gorgeous dark haired babe swallows the line offered by the impish cameraman, hook, line and – uh – cock. She smiles at his forward ways when they meet and you can see her warming up to him as he prattles on. He surprises her, talking about sex then amazes her when he offers money to see her boobs and to do a small strip.

The lure of free money from a nice guy leads them into some privacy where she gets persuaded to do far more than just “strip a little”. They hop on his bike and go somewhere where they can have lots and lots of fine outdoor sex together, sucking him some and then getting herself very fucked and happily so.

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Outdoor fuck in a field

Bent over in a field getting fucked by a total stranger was not how this gorgeous red head’s day began – nor was there much likelihood of the prospect. Nevertheless, she fell for the camera guy’s quaint lines and loose talk, and then fell deeper for his money and thence found herself having a rather good outdoor fuck, in full public – something she would never have dreamed of doing without his able help. She finds herself sucking him off and smiling away at her good fortune, then getting her pussy filled to the brim with very, very hard cock out in this nearby field after meeting him at school. The guy is very good at picking chicks up.

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Outdoor sex video Nature Style

Having sex outdoors makes things awfully fucking hot. Outdoor fucking means they could not wait – it was just plain time to fuck for these hot and bothered couples, all seen in the sexiest positions and going at it like crazy. Grabbing his gal and bending her over to her obvious delight, we watch this guy and his begging babe do their bit to sponsor outdoor fucking as an Olympic sport.

It sure would draw some crowds! It’s just plain smoking hot fucking and sucking outdoors, free and in Nature and letting the energy go to where it needs to go. None of these couples could help themselves.

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Outdoor fucking with a brunette

Our guy meets a sweet young, well-developed lass on the street and talks with her a bit. The talk turns quickly to sex with a few laughs, then he asks her if she would show her body to him for a few bucks. He catches it all on cam and the request gets more personal and he asks her to suck his cock. Well, this works as well.

Finally, he hardly even needs to ask if he can fuck her because she is more than ready for that. They have the outdoor sex of the day, with our guy as a huge proponent of outdoor fucking and his new female friend every bit as happy about it.

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Blonde gets fucked outdoors

This young blonde hottie met our cameraman during a tour of an ancient building of some kind. Kind hearted strager he acts the part of, our leader began a nice conversation which soon led to outdoor sex. She did perk up a bit at the topic, then got very interested when he mentioned his website and his tendency to offer money to see “more” of girls. Smiling, she let herself be stripped then found herself very worked yup and sucking away at hos hard cock. Slurping away happily, she then gets turned around and nicely fucked, right there in semi-public and wanting more.

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